Special Heaters

even designs special purpose heaters adapted for heating smaller spaces of different vehicles. An example of this is tool compartments and sand containers on lorries.

Typ L

Electric frost guard
Used for heating of toolboxes and sandcontainers in trucks and other vehicals. A strong ballbeared, brush- less radialfan spreads the heat in the whole space. Self-regulating PTC-element. Controlled by a separate switch / thermostate or an integrated switch.
special frostvakt type l 02special frostvakt type l 02
special frostvakt type l 02
  • Heat capacity 350 W
  • Voltage 24 V
  • Brushless fan 1 speed
  • Fan capacity 38,5 m3/h
  • Length 222 mm
  • Width 170 mm
  • Height 45 mm
  • Weight 1,4 kg